Fastmail-How To Sync It Over My Phone


Fastmail is such a mail application that has made the emailing function easy and even it has been used in all over the world.The main thing is that with the help of it,technical nagging could be avoided easily.Number of functions are there that could be performed through users with the help of this specific mail application.There are some issues that users may face while accessing it but for solving there is a technical team that works over day and night to come up with unique solutions.


Several issues are there that has been solved through the support team in which individuals may see the resolution for one:

What is the method to sync Fastmail over the phone?


  • First users are required to open the “Settings” app
  • Users are now required to click the option for “Mail”
  • Individuals may now click the option for “Accounts”that would be followed through choosing the option for “Add Account” and “other”
  • From there users should enter the name,email address and the password:





  • In case users are accessing the custom domain, there is need to enter the host name along with the username and Password for incoming and outgoing mail servers.
  • Hostname for incoming mail:
  • Hostname for the outgoing server:
  • Username for the Fastmail:username including the domain.
  • Password: The phone app password
  • It is now required to click “Next” and should tap “Save”


Those who still need help for the above solved bug and haven’t get any understanding from it may contact the tech support team.To be in contact of the support team,users are required to dial the help number that would be given over the support site.Through using the customer support number,individual would get the chance to talk with live technician.


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