How do i Turn on My Shaw Email sync on My Samsung Galaxy s5?

Email sync is very useful for varied email service providers like Shawmail which will connect to servers to update your mails but its very important to turn on the email sync settings on your device.


Do you want to turn on Shaw email sync on Samsung Galaxy s5 and have no idea about that? Then don’t be stressed and read this article very carefully to learn about the easy steps of email sync.


There are some easy and quick instructions given below which can help you to sync your Shawmail on Samsung s5 device:


Step 1:- First of all, open your device and then tap on the Apps menu.


Step 2:- Now tap on the Settings.


Step 3:- Now tap on the Email tab.


Step 4:- After that, tap on the menu icon which is available at the top right side of Email and then tap on the Settings.


Step 5:- Now tap on the Manage accounts option.


Step 6:- Now you have to seen the list of email accounts and then tap on the Shaw email account.


Step 7:- After that, tap on the Sync settings and then you must need to checked the box Sync Email.


Step 8:- Now restart your device to complete the procedure.

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