How the Users May Solve the Configuration Issues In Ymail ?


Ymail is the efficient email application in itself and serving users from the last several years.People are loving it and gave the positive feedback for it’s performance.It is quite perfect in different means but users may face certain issues while accessing their mail account.Users may come through bugs such as password recovery,configuration problem and even others.To get help with all such issues,it is required to dial the help number which would be easy to find over the customer support site.

What is the Method to Solve the Configuration Problem in Ymail?


For solving this specific problem,users are required to set up the Ymail account.For doing that,following guidelines required to be followed:


  • First users are required to open the Yahoo website.
  • It is now required to click “Sign in” that is at the top right corner.
  • Users should required to choose the option for “Sign up”.
  • There is now need to enter the account details such as first name,last name along with the email address and mobile number.
  • However users need to click “Continue” that is located at the top of the page.
  • Individual should now click the option for “Text me a account key”.
  • From there,users need to open the phone messages app.
  • It is now time to tap over the message.
  • Users are now required to enter the code in the “Verify” field.
  • Individual are need to tap the option for “Verify”.
  • Now there is need to select the option for “Let’s get started”.
  • However users should click the option for “Mail”.
  • It is now required to tap the gear icon.
  • Users may now review the account settings option.
  • In case when users get finished,they should tap the “Save” button.

Those who still need help for the above solved issue,they should do the instant connection through the support team through using the Ymail phone number.With the help of it,individual will be able to connect directly with the technical team.Tech support team would first listen to the users problem and then suggest them with proper solution.There are several techniques through which the individual may get help,it depends upon the type of problem.For getting help,users would be charged through certain amount of money.It is too little that,one could pay it easily.


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Sharad Sharma

The other ways through which the individual may get help are the online guides and tutorials.With the help of it,users may avail the instant support.They will not be charged through any kind of fee.