How To Configure Sasktel Email ?


Sasktel is a telecommunication company provides internet services. The services includes wired and wireless services. The company promises high speed internet over any kind of network. Sasktel Communication provides an emailing service to its customers so that they can communicate with the executives, can make payments and can put queries and issues. This Sasktel email is compatible with every email client application. User have to set the incoming and outgoing server settings. So below is the process for configuring Sasktel email.


  • Open the email client application.
  • From the Tools menu, go to Add Account.
  • In the wizard opened, choose the type of the account. It may be IMAP or POP , that depends upon user's choice. Likewise enter the incoming server as
  • Enter the Sasktel email id and password.
  • Provide the outgoing server as SMTP. Enter
  • In the advanced settings, check the check box for SSL.
  • Enter port number for incoming server as 993 for IMAP and 995 for POP.
  • for outgoing server the port number is 587 or 25 .
  • Check the check box for "authentication required ".


Now user can access Sasknet email from any email client application. If there is any issue, then user should call at the Sasktel Email Phone Number. This technical support service is 24/7 available so user can call at any time. The experts provides the best solutions and instant solutions so that user doesn't need to wait for long.


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