How to Download and Install MS Office App for Android Phone? Quickly and Easily

Having problem with your Android Phone? You are unable to download and installation of MS office App through your Android phone, so don't worry about it, because we are providing you an easy and simple steps for installation and downloading, so you can simply do it, within short span of time.

How to Download and Install MS Office App for Android Phone?

Kindly, follow below mentioned some easy steps of downloading and installation steps for the Android phone.

1. Firstly, you have to go to your Google play store.

2. In Google play store, Search for Microsoft office mobile.

3. Once you find it, then click on "Install" tab and hit the "Accept" button.

4. Wait for the sometime until the installation process complete.

5. Once installation process, you have to click on "Open" button.

6. You will get there three options, “Microsoft Word”, “Microsoft Excel”, “Microsoft PowerPoint”.

7 You may choose or select any option from above three options or (According to your requirement).

8. After the selection the option, you will go again "Install" button.

9. Once the installation complete, you can use Microsoft word or excel or power point under the Microsoft office.

In this way, you can very simply download and install the MS Office App for the Android Phone.

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