How to Fix and Adjust Automatic Updating in Google Chrome?

Google chrome is one of the world’s best web browser which is largly utilized by the billions of users across the globe. Google Chrome updates itself automatically which ensure that you are running the most secure and best upgraded version of Google Chrome. In some cases the auto-update creates many hiccups and then you need to adjust it manually. The procedure is very confounded than it ought to be, but you don’t need to be stressed about that. Read this article very carefully and learn about the basic steps of adjusting it.


  • First of all, open your Google Chrome browser and then go to the About menu.
  • Now choose Google Chrome or type chrome://chrome in your Chrome address bar.
  • Now try to update your Chrome installation.

Install Google’s custom group policy templates

You can possibly settle the issue by plunging into the Windows Registry and changing some registry keys and erasing others. But this method is mix-ups with various issues. So the Group Policy Editor technique is very simple and secure.


The idea of downloading a new version of Chrome manually and attempting to overwrite your current install won't work. In new installation process, you will need to contact the update servers which can block the update.and the mistakenly set-strategy will at present piece the refresh. This technique is one of the perfect approach to return to routinely scheduled automatic updates.


Now you must need to remove the Windows Group Policy Editor and install the Custom Google Chrome template pack. Then you can change the policies without touching Windows Registry.


First of all, open Group Policy Editor and tap on the Local Computer Policy. Now choose Computer configuration and then tap on the Administrative Templates. After that, right click on the entry and then choose Add/Remove Templates. Now browse the location of the Googleupdate.adm.

Configure automatic updating

After installed the custom policy, find the templates within the Local policy Editor. For this, go to the Administrative Templates and then choose Classic Administrative Templates. After that, tap on the Google and then choose Google Update option.


Now click on the Preferences under the Google Update and then tap on the Auto-update check period override.


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