How to Install Netgear Routers Through Some Simple Steps?

Netgear manufactures and markets different types of routers for personal and business purposes. Installing and Configuring a router is important in order to keep all the devices connected in a proper way.


Both cable and Wi-Fi routers of Netgear are used in different setups. Following is the process of installing Netgear router cable connection:


Step 1: In the first step, connect the modem to the Netgear internet port. At the same time, connect your computer to any of the LAN ports. If you are confused about the internet port, then go through the Netgear manual accompanying the device.


Step 2: Switch on all the machines and devices and allow them to finish boot up. It may take some minutes.


Step 3: Open your web browser and type the IP address of the router which may be or


Step 4: You will be automatically prompted to log in to the router by putting username and password. If you have already set up a different username and password then out it accordingly, otherwise these two will be “admin” and “password”.


Step 5: Now you will see the Setup Wizard. Click “Yes” and “Next” as they appear.


Step 6: The Setup Wizard will automatically direct you to complete the configuration step by step.


Apart from Netgear cable routers, the wire routers of this manufacturer are also very popular. The wireless N-Router are used by millions of people all over the world and sold in thousands every month. The router front panel shows status lights, like the switch on the light, internet connection light, Wi-Fi connection light, the LAN ports lights (4 nos), and WPS cable device connection light.


Installing the wireless N-Router is very easy. Properly position the router at a slightly elevated position so that all the devices you use get a clear signal. Also, place it near the AC cable connection, but away from electrical devices. Now, simply follow the steps:


Step 1: Connect the router to the modem and computer


Step 2: Insert the setup wizard CD disk in the computer and follow the instructions to configure the router.


Step 3: Enable wireless security for your network


These steps will complete the process and your N-Router will be ready to use Netgear Router Technical Support Phone Number.


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