How to Install MS-Office on Android Device?

MS office has announced its office application to use on any android device. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store as MS Office Mobile and can be installed easily. Users can use word, excel, power point on their android phones and make their day to day work easy.


How to download and install MS Office Mobile on android phone


  • Open Google Play Store and search for MS Office Mobile.
  • Double check that the publisher is “Microsoft”. Then click on “Install”.
  • Click on “Accept” to allow the installation process.
  • Once the application is installed, click on open to start the program.
  • A start icon for Office Mobile can be seen on the Home Screen of your android phone.
  • Click on the icon to start using the installed office program.
  • The first time you start up the app you will be asked to enter an email address.
  • Enter the email address and click on “Next”.
  • Once you have successfully logged in to your MS Office account, you can use its features like word, excel and power point.

MS Office is the most important program in any computer that helps users to view and edit files. Likewise users can install Office Mobile app on their android phone to view word files, excel files and power point files free of cost but to make any change in the file they need to purchase a subscription or download another file MS 365.


There are many alternate applications available but no one has such advanced features like MS Office Mobile. It is an all in one app for users to view word file, excel file or power point files. Advanced feature to view, edit and share is available in the Office Mobile app that has made it the number one choice among users.


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