How to Know the Ways to Setup SMTP Setting in Fastmail?

Setting up smtp settings in Fastmail seems to be a challenge for many users as they do not have the right knowledge of these settings. But how can you know them is the real problem as there is no source of information for the users to set up smtp settings in their Fastmail applications. When you have limited knowledge of these settings, then the best you can do is to avail Fastmail customer service regarding decoding these issues.


However the ones who need to know the SMTP settings can refer the steps below:-


  • Fastmail SMTP server address:
  • Fastmail SMTP user name: Your complete Fastmail email id
  • Fastmail SMTP password: your complete Fastmail password
  • Fastmail SMTP port: 465 or 587
  • Fastmail SMTP TLS/SSL required : Yes
  • Fastmail SMTP STARTTLS required: no


Now you have gained important knowledge regarding SMTP settings. Now you can easily configure these settings as per your desires. But does every user know the method to set up SMTP setting in this email? Well, definitely not! Well, at this stage you know the confirmed ways to set up these settings and you can easily gain complete knowledge about them with the help of the team of certified engineers who have amassed a great knowledge with them which can be crucial for the users to fix this issue. They really understand the tribulations faced by the users and put in strenuous efforts in fixing these troubles. They are the most experienced professionals who can be a source of extreme help to the hapless users.


When one is saddened over these hitches, then a Fastmail customer service can be much useful for you even at the middle of the night. Hence do not be distressed anymore and call Fastmail helpline number straightforwardly.



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