How to Process to Reset the Live Account Password

Windows Live account is basically the account provided by the windows for the purpose of dealing with various web series and services provided to its users.So this is the discontinued name for the various web services and products produced by the windows.

In case you are an owner of such a service that is you are using the live mail but now you can not login to this account since you have forgot your password so in that case you need to go through the steps written below:-

    • here you need to reset the password in order to get back to your account
    • and for that first you need to opt for a reason that why you wants to change the password
    • then you need to enter the user name that you have used for your account after that you need to enter the characters shown on the screen in the space provided
    • you will get a code on the alternate phone number after entering that code you will get a page where you can set a new password for your account

In case you find this process to be tough then try to contact some person from the technical team that is provided by the company for the purpose of dealing with such issues.

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