How to Remove AVG Antivirus from a Windows 7 Computer?

AVG antivirus is a most trusted name which protects your computer or mobile devices safe from various kinds of viruses, malware and other harms. AVG antivirus is available for every kind of devices like Windows, Android and iOS.


Sometimes AVG antivirus shows an error while you work on your computer. In such conditions, it is better to remove or uninstall it from your device. Do you have any idea about the removing procedure of AVG antivirus? If no, then you can contact AVG antivirus customer support and avail the relevant solutions from the experts.


Step 1:- First of all, open your computer and then tap on the Start menu.


Step 2:- Tap on the Control Panel.


Step 3:- Tap on Programs and features or Add or Remove Programs.


Step 4:- Now you have to seen the list of various installed programs and after that select your AVG antivirus from this list.


Step 5:- Tap on the Uninstall.


Step 6:- Apply the on-screen instruction to remove AVG antivirus from your computer.


Step 7:- After uninstallation, tap on the Finish and then restart your computer to complete the procedure.


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