How to Set HP to Factory Settings?

HP laptop comes with default factory settings on which users work. These settings often get changed by the users as per their need. But there is also an option for the users to make changes in the settings of their HP computer helping them to make their work go easy and fast.


In order to reset the HP laptop factory settings, users need to follow the given helpful steps


Step1 :- Restart the HP laptop and press F11 button to get the recovery manager


Step2 :- From the option of I need help immediately, select system recovery option


Step3 :- Select the type of files you want to backup and select next


Step4 :- Connect external device and select next


Step5 :- Select the drive with USB drive


Step6 :- Click next to complete the backup process


Step7 :- Select finish after completing the on screen process


These steps will help the users to recover the laptop to the factory settings without facing issues and get all the settings back to the original as provided by the system when it is new. For the help in the process, users can also get the assistance from the support team who will provide them the best solution for their issues and let them continue their work on the system easily. The support experts are available for the users 24/7 and aim to provide the best and assured solution to them for their issues and enable them to work easily with their system and continue their work with the HP laptop hassle free.

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