How To Troubleshoot Unfortunately Gmail Has Stopped Error ?

Gmail is just the web mailing application which has been developed and launched by the highly kn-owned Google company. This application was developed by the Google company to reduce the distance between the people sitting at long distance and providing them the ease to get the proper way to contact them with just by one click.


Hence gmail offers some storage space to the mailing portal which a person can use it by storing there required data and files at the desired location. Gmail is also the free and secure portal to save one’s files over the internet. As it provides the best secure connection also provides the safety to your account details and password.

Troubleshoot the Problem with ‘Unfortunately Gmail Has Stopped’ Working in Your Device :


Now there many a times it happens that your Gmail application has gone stuck at some time while accessing the services and its features. So, one no need to worry because as below given is the proper troubleshoot step with which one can access it without any trouble causing them here after again.


  1. Delete the Cache and data of the gmail application – To resolve this problem one need to follow up the below given solution which is mentioned as follow, just go through them one by one :
  • Go to your device home screen.
  • From there switch to the ‘settings’ applicatiom
  • Then after reach to the ‘applications’
  • In applications tap on the ‘application manager’
  • Look for the ‘gmail’ app over the given list.
  • When found then go to the ‘storage’ option.
  • There you need to tap on the ‘clear data’ and then press on ‘ok’ button.
  • Finally click on the ‘clear cache’ option which would be found on the drop down menu.
  • Now by following the above mentioned steps one will be able to resolve your issues with the gmail accessibility.

2. Reboot your device in the safe mode – This solution could also help you to get rid of the problem and hence provide you the full solution. For this one need to power off there required device and hence restart it again your problem will be solved.


3. Remove the system cache by the help of recovery mode – Now by following this rescue steps you will definitely be able to get the proper solution and then after that it may not create problem any more.


4. Apply the master reset settings to bring back to factory default – When the above mentioned steps won’t work then finally go through this step.


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