How to Use MS Office Seamlessly on Android: Follow Proper Set UP?


Android based phones are the most popular internet devices these days. Billions of people all over the world use various Android phones for numerous official and personal purposes. They often want to install MS office on their Android phones, so that they can process important documents from anywhere.


The combination of Android and MS Office is the best example of flexibility in mobile devices any user can expect. So, proper installation and configuration of MS Office in Android are essential. Here are the steps you should follow:


Step 1: If you are the first-time user of MS Office on Android, then you need to download MS Office first. You can do so by using a web browser or from any good app store like Google Play store. You will find all the components of MS Office separately. So, you have to download those tools one by one: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote.


Step 2: Now consider any one of the downloaded MS Office components, say MS Word. As you tap on the icon, a new screen will be opened, and the system will ask you to log in. If you already possess MS Office user id and password, you can use it here too.


Step 3: After the successful “Sign in” with the new or existing account, you will be directed to a new screen where two options will be visible: “Start using word”, and “Upgrade Now”. If you have already installed the other office apps and OneDrive, your existing files will be automatically added, and you will be able to access previous files from your Android device.


Step 4: You can add another MS Office account with this account simply by tapping the “Open” option and then tapping “Add a place” option.


Step 5: If the OneNote is accessible, then instead of above Step 4, tap “Settings” and then “Accounts”. A list of all available cloud service will appear instantly which you use regularly. You just need to choose all those accounts which you want to access from Android. But remember, in each case, you have to put the respective user id and password to make it available on the Android device.


MS Office features work very nicely on Android devices, you can regularly upgrade the apps, i.e. Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint etc. to get the best of all the latest features and tools in MS Office. These apps also provide a necessary support system to get any problem fixed at the earliest.

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