Is a Bellsouth Email account IMAP or POP?


Bellsouth emails have been changed to new At&t and yahoo hence all Email accounts are Pop . Bellsouth emails can be accessed on Android as well as IPhone, iPod and so forth, to configure Bellsouth email once has to follow the steps laid down.

To configure the same –


  • For the incoming mail –
  • Incoming Port – 995, secure connection (ssl)
  • Incoming mail server type – POP3
  • For the outgoing mails –
  • Outgoing Port -465 , secure connection (ssl)
  • Incoming as well as for Outgoing User name – kindly write the full email address (


For the user password can be different for the Login password Hence by following the steps mentioned above you will be able to successfully send and receive the emails hence we can say Bellsouth email account is Pop .


While performing the same action if one finds difficulty in setting the account all what needs to be done is to make a phone call to Bellsouth Email , the expert who will answer the call will look in the matter and do the needful as they are available 24*7 across the globe in order to provide the proper assistance at the time of the need .

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