Is a Ymail account IMAP or POP


IMAP- Internet Messaged Access Protocol it is one the most convenient way to use your email as well as keep them all synchronized and the changes will happen real time, if you are accessing your mail from the different client on the different computers and if one make changes in one it will also show up on the other. It also allows you to configure ie outlook, thundermail and iPhone mail account Imap settings are as following-


  •  Server –
  •  Port - 993
  •  Encrypted Connection – SSL
  •  User name – your email address
  •  Password – your password

POP – Post Office Protocol in this server is not synchronized, hence the changes you will make will not reflect on the server and the same will not show up in the inbox , one can download the emails from server to pc and then it get deleted from the server and it does not have all the options available .


  • Server-pop.mail.yahooo.vom
  • Port -995
  • Encrypted Connection –SSL
  • User Name – your email address
  • Password – your password

In order to avoid the confusion Ymail is Imap as it provides all the options it is also synchronized and SMTP is used to send the email, hence if you have any concern in setting the Ymail account one can seek the help from calling the Ymail phone number and will get the expert advice and through remote access they can also do the needful.

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