Phone-How To Reset It Without Password In Bellsouth

iPhone are the advanced type of device that is the introduction of the brand like Apple.Number of models has been launched and people are loving that.One could choose iPhone device according to their choice.All major types of features could be obtained in this single device and there is facility to use virtual keypad.With the help of this amazing device,users would be able to work smoothly.But there are some difficult situations where the individual’s need help from the support team.To get help,users are required to contact with the support team that has been appointed to help the customers.

What are the number of issues that has been solved through the support team?

  • How would the iPhone screen got unresponsive?
  • Why my iPhone device shutdown automatically?
  • How may I synchronise the Hotmail account over the iPhone device?
  • Is it possible to import the Outlook contacts on the available iPhone device?
  • What the battery of iPhone has not been charged?

There are number of problems that has been solved but here individuals may see resolution for one:

What is the method to reset iPhone without password in Bellsouth?

  • First users need to power cycle their device and for doing that users are required to press and hold the sleep or wake button until the red slider would appear.
  • It is now required to touch and drag the slider from left to right
  • If holding the button would not solve the problem,users are required to perform the soft reset reset and for doing so,users need to press the sleep or wake button including the “Volume Down Buttons”.
  • Users are required to do this until the Apple logo would not appear and after that the iPhone device could be reset.
  • Individuals may perform the factory device reset and for doing that there is need to choose “Settings”.
  • Individuals could now choose “General”.
  • It is now required to scroll and select “Reset”.
  • Users may now select the option for “Erase all content and settings” to reset the device.
  • From there individuals may select the Erase iPhone” option.
  • The iPhone device would ask now to make sure where the users wants to continue or not.
  • Individual’s could select the option for “Erase iPhone” again

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