What Should I Do When BT Mail Is Not Updating On The Android Device?

BT Mail is the one with best email facility and also having the best data features.After it has been collaborated with Yahoo mail,it becomes more popular.It has all such features that are convenient and easy to use.Individuals may get the number of benefits with the help of this mail application.For the time when individual will feel difficulty in solving the specific bug related to BT,they are required to contact with the support team immediately. The customer service team would help the users throughout the problem until it will not get solve completely.


Multiple issues are there for which the individuals have obtained help but here individuals may see solution for one:


How BT Mail could be Updated on the Android Device?


For solving this problem, users are required to setup the updated version of BT Mail.For doing that users need to follow the following guidelines:


  • First users need to tap the “Apps” icon that would be on the home screen
  • It is now required to click “Email”or”Mail“icon
  • Users should now tap the option for “Other(POP IMAP)”
  • Through the relevant boxes,users need to enter the full BT email address and password
  • It is now required to click the button for “Next”
  • Individuals should now enter the name for the account e.g. BT Mail
  • Users may now go to click “Finish Set-up”

For the situations when the individuals need additional help for the above solved bug,they may contact the support team instantly.To contact the support team,users may dial the helpline number that would be easy to search on the customer support site.With the help of it,individuals may connect with the support team directly.The expert would suggest the users with more applicable solutions.Users would just charged with small amount of money and it would be very less as comparison to others.



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