How Fix The Various Printing and Scanning Issues of HP Printer?

HP Printer is widely used for incorporating the personal and official printing works with advanced printer features. Configuration and usage of the printer is very simple and swift. Although there might be issues with the HP Printer which might halt the printing work for some time. This article describes the various issues with effective troubleshooting to resume the printing work whenever HP Printer faces any concern.

There can be various issues related to printing, scanning and connection of the printer. To solve the problems user can download and run HP Printer and Scan Doctor. It is compatible with Windows 7 and also the later version of the OS. Download HP Print and Scan Doctor to start using the application to solve the printer problems.

Follow the steps to fix the HP Printer using HP Printer and Scan Doctor –

  • Open the tool by double clicking on the HP Printer and Scan Doctor icon.
  • Next click on ‘Start’ present on the welcome screen of the tool.
  • Now select the printer and click ‘Next’.
  • Then click on ‘Fix Printing’ and then view the list displayed of the results.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the printer problems.

If user is facing any difficulty in using the tool it is better to contact HP Printer technical support for help. Support team deals with the problem remotely and then provides quick fix solution.

Some of the other common printer problems are –

  • HP Printer configuration issues.
  • Problem in printing pages using the printer.
  • Problem related to scan and copy of the printer.
  • Various error messages are also displayed related to print and scan.
  • Printer cartridge issue.
  • Network issues of the printer.
  • Memory card and PictBridge issue related to the printer.

Here are the troubleshooting steps to solve the HP Printer problems –

  • Check for any blockage in the printer and if there is any blockage then try removing the blockage.
  • If there are any pending printer works then cancel all those pending works. Go to the control panel and then remove the pending works.
  • Simple system restart solves printer issues. Remove the connections of the printer and then restart the system.
  • Update the printer with latest updates. Right click on Printer and go to Properties to solve the printer problems.
  • Check the configuration of the printer if the user is not able to use the printer effectively from the first instance.

All these printer issues are resolved with the help of HP Printer help desk. Remotely the problem is identified and then solution is provided. As the support team handle the problems regularly so they are best placed in providing instant solutions. Dial the HP Printer help number and have direct conversation with the support. They are 24*7 for help and support.



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