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How can Users Connect there Netgear Router to a Computer?

At times people may want to connect their Netgear router to a computer to experience seamless internet connectivity. There are technical intricasies that need to be understood which only the technicians of netgear router support can make users understand. Users must take their guidance without having any second thoughts. All that users need to do is to call at theit toll free helpline number If they want to take assistance from the customer service team of Netgear to learn about the steps involved........

A list of Netgear router’s technical issues are given below:

  • Unable to reset Netgear router.
  • Netgear router installation and setup issues.
  • Netgear router password recovery issues.
  • Low bandwidth.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues.
  • Netgear router driver related issues.

Netgear Router- Issues with Their Solutions

Netgear technical support team always there to provide a support to solve your issues.We always consider the customer satisfaction and provide an expeditious solution in a professional manner. When a user connect a netgear router to their laptops and computers they may face number of issues which are:

  • How to change Netgear router password?
  • How to recover administrator password?
  • How to configure netgear router wirelessly?
  • Errors related to netgear driver
  • No wi-fi connection
  • Latest version of firewall is not upgrading.
  • Troubleshooting netgear router issues.

Netgear Router Password Configuration Process

You can configure your router for internet connection either it is cabled or broadband connection. You can configure your router with Smart wizard for cable internet connection.

Just follow these steps:

  • Connect your computer to Lan ports and your Modem to the internet port of the Netgear router.
  • Switch on the router, computer and modem and wait for them to complete booting up.
  • Open a web browser and type the router’s IP address and login into the router with the default username and password which are “admin” and “password”.
  • Now click on “Setup Wizard” then select “yes” followed by click on “Next”.
  • After this router saves the settings and you can establish a connection.

How to setup password recovery in Netgear Router:

To setup password recovery , you need to know following steps:

Step 1 : At first you have to install browser from your computer that is connected to your netgear router network.

Step 2 : Then you have to type router login URL in that browser.

Step 3 : Now you will see a login window will be open in your computer.

Step 4 : Then you have to enter your user name and password in this login window.

Step 5 : Initially you have to choose default user name and password.

Step 6 : User name and password are case sensitive so you have to enter it in a proper way.

Step 7 : Now the basic home screen will be display.

Step 8 : Now you have to select advanced options.

Step 9 : In advanced option you have to go at administration option and now you can set password.

Step 10 : Now you have to select the Enable password recovery check box.

Step 11 : Then you have to select two securities questions for a safer side.

Step 12 : Then you need to click the apply button.

Step 13 : And your password will be saved.



Are you a Netgear Router user? If yes, then you should definitely read this article because here you will learn some simple and easy steps to recover the password of your Netgear router. Many times, it has been seen in the last few years that the Netgear users forget their password and sometimes lost it but most of them are unaware of the Netgear Router Password Recovery steps.

  • First of all, open your browser and then type IP address of your Netgear router gateway into the search bar which is
  • Now it will be redirects you to the login page and then enter your username as admin and then password as password.
  • Now a setup page will be open and then tap on the Advanced icon.
  • Now tap on the Administration and then choose Set Password option.
  • Now tap on the Enable Password Recovery option and then give the answers of all the security questions.
  • Now enter a new password for your Netgear router into the required field to complete the process.

There are some easy and quick steps given below, which can help you to reset the password of your Netgear router:

    Step 1:- As a matter of first importance, open your browser and after that sort IP address of your Netgear router into the address bar which is

    Step 2:- Presently it will be sidetracks you to the login page of Netgear router and afterwards enter your username as administrator and after that password as password.

    Step 3:- Presently a setup page will be open and after that tap on the Advanced symbol.

    Step 4:- Presently tap on the Administration and after that pick Set Password choice.

    Step 5:- Presently tap on the Enable Password Recovery choice and after that give the appropriate responses of all the security questions.

    Step 6:- Presently enter a new password for your Netgear router into the given box to finish the procedure.

Following are the steps to connect Netgear router to computer as provided by Netgear Router Customer Service

  • In the very first step, users must connect the modem to the internet port of the Netgear.
  • To proceed further with the process, users must connect their computer to one of the four LAN ports.
  • Users must then switch off the computer, router, and broadband/cable in the next step.
  • After some time, users must turn them on again.
  • Users must then open the web browser and type router’s IP address in the address bar, which is
  • In the next step, users will be prompted to login to the router.
  • It must be noted that users must enter admin as Username and password as default password.
  • It is a possibility that users have already changed their username and password. If that is the case then such users must enter their existing Netgear credentials.
  • Users must then click on Setup Wizard once they have logged into their Netgear account.
  • The Setup Wizard will detect the type of internet connection.
  • In the final ste, users must click on Next and then on save.


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