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How to Make Wordpress Website Mobile Friendly ?

To make a wordpress website mobile friendly, there are only six steps to achieve it. These steps are given below for your reference:

• Choose a mobile theme that you want to use for your mobile website. The only thing you have to ensure here is that whatever theme is selected by you, it also has to allow you to directly put the custom CSS code into the theme options directory.

• The next step involves in you installing the theme test drive and a mobile smart or a mobile smart pro plug in.

• The third step would involve you in enabling the theme test drive theme that you would be using to view the website in smartphones so that you can adjust theme settings.

• In the next step, you would have to set up a widget interface and a mobile menu for your mobile theme. Since you are already into theme testing mode, just modify the CSS styling as and when desired.

• Next open the mobile smart or mobile smart pro settings and modify as required or as per your desires. Thereafter select the theme that you want to use.

• For the final step simply disable or disengage the theme test drive mode and the process is finished.

How to Customize WordPress Themes for your WordPress Site ?

  •  To customize your WordPress theme, first go to Appearance and click on Theme Page.
  •  Now on the next displayed theme page you have to locate the current theme and click on the customize Button there.
  •  Now after clicking on the customize button, you will be on its next page from where you can change the theme of your WordPress site. There you will also have some more options like: live preview of theme and change theme affect etc.

In this way you can change your WordPress theme easily. You can also change the front page, tittle and Taglines from the customize page of themes for your WordPress site. Please go through the following points for the same.

  •  To change title and taglines in WordPress first expand the site title and Tagline group there and alter the text. At last click on Save & Publish Button.
  •  To customize the front page expand the static Front Page there. There you will find some options that can be chosen according to your requirement.

How to Reset Wordpress Password Through Wordpress Technical Support!

Although wordpress is easy to use but some time when you use word press and open your word press dash board then there is chance you can forget your wordpress password so you need to get wordpress password reset and you do not know how to recover word press password then you can take help from word press customer representative.They will provide you best solution of password reset.Here are the steps given below .

  • First you have to open your wordpress dashboard.
  • Now you have to log in in C-panel.
  • Then you need to go in the data base and click on the Phpmy admin.
  • In php my admin option you have to click on the Wordpress data base.
  • Here you will see a list of database,now you have to go in the menu bar and click on the SQL.
  • You have to replace the new password with the new password and replace admin username with the admin name.This is for creating MD5 hash account.
  • Now you to click on the GO option and phpmy admin will update your data base with the new password.
  • Now you can log in with new password.

How could you resolve the technical issues associated with Wordpress ?

WordPress is generally used to design and develop websites. It is a free application tool use on the supporting more than sixty million websites. WordPress use PHP and SQL to design web pages. Wordpress is a stable and easy to use website management or blogging system. wordpress includes automatic filters to add images to your posts and pages. Wordpress post can be edited in HTML and provide the keyboard shortcuts feature that help you to write faster. Wordpress provide the plugins feature which allows user to extend the features of the website.

Issues Associated with Wordpress

WordPress is widely used software and most of the time operates without issues. While a Wordpress error occurs then you need not to get panic .In this blog we are discussing some of common WordPress errors users have encountered and provide solution to solve them.

  • How to Fix Internal Server Error
  • How to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress
  • How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress
  • Connection Timed Out
  • Warning: Cannot Modify Header Information — Headers Already Sent
  • How to Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress
  • How to Fix White Text and Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor
  • What To Do When You Are Locked Out of WordPress Admin (wp-admin)

To solve the above mentioned issues feel free to call on Wordpress Toll Free Number. Our technicians will attend your call and provide a way to solve the above mentioned problems.

Solution of Some Common Issues of WordPress

We are providing here solution of some problem which are commonly faced by the user when they use WordPress. If you are a new to WordPress and don’t know how to execute the given below process then you can call on Wordpress Helpline Number.

How to Fix Internal Server Error: The cause of this problem is conflicting plugin or theme or htaccess file. To solve this you need FTP access on your server. In the root directory of wordpress file locate the .htaccess file and rename the file to .htaccess_old. Now refresh your page and if the problem still persist then deactivate plugins.

How to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress: The cause of this problem when you try to add code snippets into wordpress and code has incorrect syntax. To fix this error you need to edit the code that caused this error. You should either remove it or fix it.

How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress: if your WordPress is getting a problem when trying to access the database. To solve this problem locate the wp_config.php file and check the database details are correct.

Connection Timed Out: You receive this error when your server is overloaded. To solve this problem you need to deactivate your plugins and then activate the default WordPress theme.

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